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About Kelly Hansard

Kelly Hansard is based in Austin, Texas, where she has crafted a busy yet rewarding lifestyle for herself. As for her career, Kelly has an impressive background as a Project Engineer and Hydrogeologist, roles that she pursued after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Geosystems Engineering and Hydrogeology from The University of Texas at Austin. She made her grand return to the school in 2018 when she pursued her Master of Business Administration and graduated again in June of 2020. Upon graduation, Kelly was hired as the Senior Project Manager with BMC Software, where she has worked ever since.

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Although Kelly finds much fulfillment in her professional endeavors, she also leads an exciting life outside of work. Kelly realizes that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one must uphold a suitable work-life balance. In Kelly Hansard’s experience, a lot of her fulfillment and balance have come from pursuing travel. Even though her hometown of Austin has much to offer in terms of character and southern fun, she enjoys exploring new cities, towns, landscapes and communities. 

Travel has been a refresher for Kelly’s soul many times, and it has served as a unique way to learn more about the world around her and interact with new people. Kelly often nominates herself as the trip planner. Whether flying solo or embarking on a group trip, she always has some sort of itinerary up her sleeves. However, she also realizes the importance of leaving room for spontaneity, as this flexibility can often bring about some of the most treasured travel memories.

Kelly Hansard also uses her love of planning to organize parties. Friendships and gatherings are an integral part of what it takes to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Kelly is thankful for her personal community in her life and finds planning parties to be a great way to foster this community. She can often be seen hosting get-togethers or helping loved ones organize an event.

Kelly’s lifestyle is also very much intertwined with her love of education. Although she loves to kick back and relax, she will often have a book in hand while doing so. Whether it is through reading, attending a master class, watching a documentary, preparing herself for a new work project, or traveling to a new city, Kelly looks at these activities as learning opportunities. She has experienced a lot of personal and professional growth thanks to her constant desire to learn new things.

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