Within every friend group, there is a pivotal role that needs filling, that being the friend that plans what the group is going to be doing. If you find yourself always wanting to plan a fun afternoon or research the newest places in town, then you most likely have dubbed yourself the role of the planner. One way that you can put your hosting skills to use is by planning themed dinner parties to invite friends and family to attend. Grab inspiration from a few of the themes below.

High Tea Theme

There is still a way to have tea parties in your adulthood. Hosting a high tea party is a fun way to throw a fancy and nostalgic dinner gathering your friends are guaranteed to love. This theme might draw in more appreciation from the girls, but your guy friends might also have a fun time dressing to the nines and sipping their favorite teas for an evening. Along with your tea, you can serve scones, finger sandwiches and delicious dessert pickings. 

Casino Theme

The popular saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” does not necessarily mean that you can’t bring a little bit of Vegas into your own home. Invite your friends over for a fun night of buffet-style food accompanied by card games, poker and drinks, of course. This theme makes for a great night of games without having to worry about losing all your cash to a slot machine. 

Tropical Theme

A tropical-themed dinner is a fun party to throw any time of year. Tell your friends to sport their best tropical gear – yes, even the touristy shirt their dad bought in Hawaii ten years ago. There are all sorts of ways you could go with the tropical theme, but one of the best drinks you could serve is a piña colada to make it feel as if you’re on an island vacation. Research some fun tropical dinner ideas that you can try your hand at to impress your friends. And don’t forget to go all out on the tropical decorations.

Mamma Mia Theme

As of lately, the beloved Mamma Mia film has been inspiring individuals to throw themed dinner parties. This gives you the perfect excuse to prepare a Greek feast, mimic the 70s wardrobe, throw some Abba on your speakers and later watch the movie with your friends. You can tell your friends to come dressed as characters from the film and even request that you recreate the Donna and the Dynamos trio. This theme is sure to have you and your guests well-fed and occupied throughout the entire evening.